Making an Impact

The JTMF Foundation partners with amazing organizations who are meaningfully impacting the lives of individuals today, as well as supporting innovative groups working to solve long-term challenges.

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Our key areas of giving

Solving problems is a dynamic and evolving process. Our goal is to be flexible and search for the best opportunities to help people with their immediate needs while also attempting to eliminate the root cause of issues plaguing those we support. We are guided by our Catholic values as we seek out areas where we can have the largest impact. Our four key areas of giving are children, older adults, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and veterans.

Empowering Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

We believe individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are some of the most loving and special people you will ever meet. We look for opportunities to assist these individuals in their journey to be included, productive, happy members of their communities.

Helping Older Adults

As our community members age, new and unique challenges emerge. We support organizations who are working to eliminate diseases, hunger, loneliness and other issues faced by older adults. Of particular importance to us is finding ways to prevent, detect and treat those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Assisting Veterans

Individuals who have served our country, particularly those who were put in harm’s way, deserve our gratitude and support. Our foundation partners with organizations to help address the physical and mental well-being of our retired military as they cope with their experiences.

Enabling Children

We think all children should grow up healthy, happy and able to chase their dreams. To assist in this, we seek organizations that help develop young individuals and position them for success. We particularly look for those that serve a diverse population and lower income families.